Corporate Lending Solutions

When your business needs access to capital, the nature of the need is as unique as your individual business model and mode of operations. The corporate lending team at Castle Bank understands the many types of financing issues that impact businesses, and we are committed to a deep understanding of each business customer's particular needs. So we work closely with you to determine the right course of action, whether that involves term loans, lines of credit, specialized loans or a combination that suits your unique situation. Talk to our corporate lending team today so we can find the plan that works for you.

Term Loans

  • Purchases of real estate or equipment
  • Business acquisitions
  • Repayment plans consistent with your cash flow
  • Re-amortizing of existing term debt
  • Interest-only payment periods
  • Graduated payment plans
  • Seasonal payment plans

Operating Lines of Credit

  • Tailored to suit your cash flow and other individual needs
  • Funding seasonal build-up fluctuations in inventory
  • Assisting in the timing differences of collecting your receivables
  • Ability to take advantage of vendor discounts
  • Meeting unexpected cash needs

Renewable Fuels Lending

  • A full complement of financial services to aid renewable fuels clients
  • Loans
  • Financing
  • Capital markets
  • Treasury services
  • Customized to each client’s unique goals and objectives

Specialized Loans

  • For unique needs
  • Loans to companies with a large reliance on cash flow for repayment of debt
  • Funding for acquisitions, treasury stock purchases, leveraged buyouts
  • Restructure financing
  • Repayment structure consistent with the cash flow of your business cycle