Online Business Banking

Manage your business accounts online safely and conveniently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Dashboard | Customized view of all your frequently used accounts with quick links to commonly performed banking services
  • Account Detail | Check account balances, review transactions, view check images and download account activity in a variety of formats
  • Statements | View Account and Tax statements online
  • Transfers | Transfer funds between your Castle Bank bank accounts
  • Transaction Search | Search multiple criteria for transactions and checks
  • Alerts | Receive a variety of email updates on the status of your Castle Bank bank accounts
                Customize alert settings to the thresholds that are right for your business
  • Stop Payments | Easily place, cancel and renew Stop Payments on checks
  • Manage Users | Control online user access by accounts, tasks, and levels of authority
  • Commercial Card | View Castle Bank business credit card information and make payments
  • Flexibility | As your business needs grows, so can your online services


Treasury Services

Castle Bank online Treasury Services provide you with enhanced tools to manage payments, deposits and reporting.


Streamline payment processing, shorten settlement times and reduce costs associated with costly paper checks with our online ACH services.

  • ACH Initiation - Gives you the ability to import files from your in-house system to an ACH database, or you can directly enter the information in our ACH module. Cash Management Online will automatically configure the payment data into the required NACHA format. You can also set up one-time or recurring ACH payments to pay vendors, make Tax and Child Care payments, and more.
  • Direct Deposit for Payroll – Save time and effort in your payroll process by eliminating paper payroll checks. Direct deposit can also be used for payments of interest, annuities, pensions and dividends. You control payments, decrease processing efforts, simplify reconciliation and eliminate stop payments, lost check and reissues.
  • Pre-Authorized Payments – Improve your receivables by directly debiting your customer's accounts.

Wire Transfers

Castle Bank provides you with wide range of wire transfers options to move money immediately, including International US Dollar and foreign currency wires.

  • Non-repetitive transfers are a fast and flexible way to move funds
  • Repetitive transfers can be sent on a regular basis, with variable dollar amounts
  • Create unique security guidelines that fit your needs

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture allows you to safely and securely make deposits without having to leave your office, improving your cash flow and efficiency.

  • Make Bookkeeping Easier – Deposit information can be exported to common accounting programs like QuickBooks®, reducing data re-entry and mistakes
  • Take advantage of later deposit deadlines to improve your cash flow
  • Eliminate courier costs and transportation delays
  • Detect duplicate and fraudulent checks to avoid returned items and financial losses
  • Extensive research and reporting features

Enhanced Payment Processing

  • Capture payment stubs and extract data
  • Capture full-page documents such as invoices, explanation of benefits (EOB's) and more
  • Integrate stranded or walk-in payments with our Lockbox services for a single archive and accounts receivable extract
  • Database automatically recognizes previous payer information


Positive Pay

Positive Pay helps you reduce the risk of check fraud by helping you identify suspicious check activity on your accounts.

  • Easily upload your approved check information online. We then compare your file to your checks presented for payment and identify any suspicious items for your review
  • Make decisions to pay or return suspicious checks online

Balance Reporting Services

Information Reporting

  • Provides detailed intraday and prior-day account information
  • Download reports in a variety of formats

Wire Reports

  • Obtain summaries and detailed information of wire activity
  • Search for specific wire transactions

Special Reports

  • View various statements or customized reports online
  • Download reports in a variety of formats

Lockbox Services

Retail and Wholesale Lockbox

  • Let your customers send payments to a designated post office box. We verify the checks, endorse them and submit them for deposit to your account - all on the same day.

Lockbox Archive & Exceptions

  • Our online archive and exception processing provides you with images of all payment documents and allows you to make decisions on exception items in order to expedite payment processing.

Foreign Exchange

Streamline your global trade activity with our multi-currency trading platform.

  • Get real-time rates and initiate spots, forwards and window forward transactions via wire and draft
  • Create beneficiary templates and customizable reports for export
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Letters of Credit

Maximize all of your international trade opportunities while reducing your risk and increasing trade efficiencies with online trade services.

  • Initiate letters of credit or documentary collections online
  • Create templates for letters of credit and collections for repetitive use
  • Receive export letters of credit automatically online
  • Track transactions as they are processed
  • Monitor current and past transactions with useful reporting features

Basic Money Movement Services

Designed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses, our online money movement tools offer control, convenience and flexibility, so you can manage your business more efficiently.


  • Expedite cash flow and easily manage your accounts and transactions
  • Set notifications, alerts and reminders to be delivered to your mobile device or email
  • Establish permissions for payments, payroll, payees, company profiles and notifications


Move money more efficiently with our bill payment service.

  • Make one-time, recurring and rush payments
  • Track all your past, present and future payments
  • Move money from your Castle Bank account to an account at another financial institution
  • Send money directly to another person's account
  • Pay business taxes with a convenient link to the IRS


Pay your employees via direct deposit.

  • Electronically pay employees, send expense reimbursements and award bonuses directly to an employee's bank account
  • Set a payroll schedule
  • Save employee records and send payday reminders


Improve your cash flow with this electronic invoicing and receivables management tool.

  • Create invoices that are customized with your logo and brand
  • Send invoices electronically via email, as a PDF, or print and mail
  • Send payment reminders to your customers
  • Receive automated status updates on invoices
  • Store customer records and invoices securely
  • Post payments and manage receivables
  • Control access by setting user entitlements for employees
  • Receive payments faster through a branded website that allows customers to pay you online*

Log in to your account to enroll or Enroll in Online Banking.

ServiceMonthly Fee*
Payroll* (Up to 50 total employees**)Free
Invoicing*Free for 3 months, then $20


* See the Online Agreement for details and restrictions on the BillPay, Payroll and Invoicing services. Business First Relationship Rewards customers receive $5 off the stated Invoicing and Payroll service fees (a savings up to $10 per month). To qualify as a Relationship Rewards customer, you must have a Business First 300 Class or Not for Profit Checking account, a Visa® Debit Card and one additional product or service. Monthly Fees for Online Payroll and Invoicing services will be waived for the first three monthly billing cycles. You must be enrolled in BillPay prior to signing up for Invoicing and Payroll services. All applicable fees will be assessed to the designated primary account. Fee waiver applies for Invoicing monthly fees only. Additional fees may apply for collecting payments online. Get Paid Faster Service is provided by and the responsibility of a third party. We are not responsible for any aspect of the Get Paid Faster Service and you agree to look solely and exclusively to the provider of that service for the payments that may be due there under. For complete details regarding fees, restrictions and additional product information, contact a business banker or branch manager..

** If you have more than 50 payroll payees or other significant payroll processing requirements, please contact a business banker for alternative services that may be more suited to your business.