New Name – First National Bank

We would like to share some exciting news about Castle Bank. On September 8, 2015, we will change our name to First National Bank. This change is part of an evolution that began in 2002 when Castle Bank started our relationship with First National Bank of Omaha. In 2010, we merged with them and have operated since then as “Castle Bank, a Division of First National Bank of Omaha.”

The really good news is that, except for the bank name, absolutely nothing else will be different as a result of the name change. Our customers will continue to bank with the same great, family-owned, company they’ve come to know and trust and the same local bankers that they rely on today. Being a part of First National Bank allows us to take full advantage of the depth, breadth and reputation of an organization with more than 100 locations across a seven-state area. First National Bank, with its iconic “Circle One” emblem, is well-regarded and active in supporting dozens of communities throughout the Midwest that are very much like the communities we serve in Northern Illinois. First National Bank was formed in 1857 and today is recognized as one of the “Best Banks in America” by Forbes Magazine.

We are confident that you will grow to appreciate the First National Bank brand as we serve you even better going forward. Please take a moment to review our Frequently Asked Questions for more details. And, of course, feel free to stop by any of our branches or give us a call if you have questions. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Frequently Asked Questions

Who is First National Bank?

First National Bank is a sixth-generation, family-owned bank. For nearly 160 years, First National has committed itself to doing what’s right for our customers and the communities we serve. We operate more than 100 retail banking locations in Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and Texas. First National has been named one of Forbes’ Best Banks in America four years in a row.

When will the name change occur?

The name change from Castle Bank to First National Bank will be effective September 8, 2015.

Why are you changing your name to First National Bank?

This change is part of an evolution that began in 2002 when Castle Bank started our relationship with First National Bank of Omaha. We have operated as a division of First National Bank since 2010, so this is a natural next step. It will allow us to leverage the strong reputation and brand recognition of the First National Bank name and “Circle One” logo.

What impact will this have on Castle Bank employees?

The name change will have almost no impact on our employees. Beyond changes to name tags and email addresses, you can expect great customer service from the same employees.

Will customers or the communities the banks serve be affected by the name change?

Only positively – customers and the communities served by our bank should expect “business as usual.” We will be able to work together as one team, for all of our customers. We will leverage our strength and the “Circle One” brand as one unified bank – First National Bank – across all of our markets. Benefits include:

  • Customer and credit decisions will continue to be made locally;
  • Community support decisions remain local;
  • Local management team remains in charge;
  • Board members continue to serve in advisory roles.

What about my FDIC coverage? Will this change with the name change?

There will be no change in your FDIC deposit insurance coverage. The standard insurance amount is $250,000 per depositor, per insured bank, for each account ownership category. Visit for details.

Will the bank phone numbers change?

No, Castle Bank phone numbers will remain the same.

Will Castle Bank email addresses change?

Yes, e-mail addresses for our employees will change slightly. The new e-mail address will have the extension “” “fnni” represents First National of Nebraska, Inc., our parent company. All e-mail messages addressed to the existing Castle Bank e-mail addresses will be automatically redirected to the new e-mail addresses to ensure that all customer messages will be received.

I follow Castle Bank on social media. Will I have to re-connect via Facebook or Twitter following the name change?

No, the name change will not require any action from you on social media.

Will you still sponsor the Castle Challenge?

Yes – one of the great things about being First National Bank is that we retain our strong focus on our local communities. The Castle Challenge is an important, longstanding tradition that we will continue to support.

Account Questions

Can I use the checks I already have?

Yes, you can continue to use your existing Castle Bank checks. Any new checks you order after September 7, 2015 will feature the First National Bank name and logo.

Will any of the features of my checking or savings accounts change?

None of your account features will change as a result of the change. However, checking accounts with “Castle” in their product name will now appear as “First National” checking accounts in advertising and branch signage, online, via the mobile app and on customer statements.

Will rates and fees change?

No, rates and fees will not change as a result of the name change.

Will the interest rate on my loan(s) or CD(s) change?

No, your rate will remain the same as stated in your original loan agreement. For fixed-rate CDs, your interest rate will stay the same until your CD matures.

Will my account or loan numbers change?

No, your account or loan numbers will not change as a result of the name change.

Do I have to make changes to my direct deposits or automatic withdrawals?

No, you will not have to update your direct deposit or automatic withdrawal settings.

Is the bank’s routing number changing?

No, the bank’s routing number will not change.

I have a mortgage with Castle Bank – will it be affected?

Not at all. Since your loan is already with a division of First National Bank, there will be no changes to your loan as a result of the name change.

Will my existing credit or debit card still work?

Yes, keep using your Castle Bank debit and credit cards as you do today. In the future, you will receive new cards with the First National Bank name and logo as part of our scheduled reissue program. At that time, you will receive specific communication about how to activate and use your new cards.

Can I still use the same ATMs?

Yes, Castle Bank ATMs are already part of the First National Bank “Circle One” (use logo on Web version) ATM network.

Will you continue to offer Castle Club?

Yes, we’re pleased to say that Castle Club programs will continue following our name change.

Online and Mobile Banking Questions

Will your Web address change?

Yes, our new Web address will be For a brief time following our name change, if you type in, you will be redirected to the new Web address. If you have previously bookmarked, you should update your bookmark to

What will change with my online banking?

Nothing will change with your accounts, but effective September 8, 2015, you will access your accounts through Your user name and password will remain the same.

Will I need to download a new mobile app or update my current app?

Your Castle Bank mobile banking app will continue to work, but we will release a new version of the app with First National Bank branding. Depending on how you have elected to receive app updates on your mobile device, your Castle Bank app will either update automatically to the new version or you will be prompted to update your app. We encourage you to stay current with the latest app version available. If you don’t currently have the mobile banking app installed, you can locate it in the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play Store by searching for “FNB Illinois.”